28 things you can make from cereal box

From gift boxes to postcards. Click here for the 28 things you can make from a cereal box.


Back to school checklist

It’s that time of the year again. Here are some back to school checklist items to remember via webmd.com

___ School supplies. Most schools provide a list of supplies your child will need for school. Depending on your child’s grade, the list may include crayons and coloring books, or pens and multi-subject notebooks.

___ Wall calendar. A calendar in your kitchen, online, or on your mobile phone can help you keep track of important events like big tests, sports practices, rehearsals, and other school happenings.

___ Clothing essentials. Take a look in your children’s closets and make a list of items that they need. Buy only the essentials. Kids’ fashion tastes tend to change in response to what other kids are wearing. Unless your child wears a uniform, it’s better to take your child clothes shopping a week or two after school begins. One hint: It’s a good idea to let your children choose their outfits for the first day of school.

___ Shoes. Start your child’s school year off with at least one sturdy pair of shoes that fit well. If the school day includes PE, make sure your children have good gym shoes too.

___ Backpack. Look for a pack that is not too heavy or too big for your child. It should have padding on the straps and back.

___ Lunch box. If your children bring their own lunch to school, let them pick out a new lunch box. That can get them excited for the first day.

___ Alarm Clock. Get an easy-to-use alarm clock for your child’s room and teach your child how to set it.

___ Back-to-school nutrition. Stock up on fruit, whole-grain bread, yogurt, and low-fat deli meat to keep your child fueled throughout the day. Prepare some dinners and freeze them so you simply heat them up on the first few nights.

___ Keep the receipts. Even with a list, it’s easy to buy the wrong type of notebook or pen by accident. Keep an envelope in your purse for receipts and coupons. This will make returns and exchanges a lot easier.

What else is on your list? Let us know in the comments below.

backpack for me

photosarah crafts

I’ve only had one significant backpack in my life. My mom bought me a navy Jansport just like all the cool kids had when I was going into 8th grade (ca. 2000) and told me at $60 it wasn’t cheap so it better last a long time. I used that backpack on an almost daily basis all through high school and college until the zippers started to go at the end of my Costa Rica semester in 2008 and I passed it along to a friend.

jansportbackpackA I took a picture on our last day together in Costa Rica. I’d say I got my money’s worth!

I didn’t really think about backpacks much after the student phase of my life, but I saw a couple of cute ones recently that made me reconsider the idea.

store backpacksA palm trees at Victoria’s Secret {only on eBay now} | birds at Target {source

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3 ingredients. 2 minutes. Make your own hair detangler

Hello friends!  Today’s post is for all of you who have kids, particularly girls.  My sweet girls both have long-ish hair that gets tangled when we wash it during bath time and would cringe as we brushed their hair after bath.  And don’t even get me started on the crazy bed head they wake up with–talk about knots.  So, we started using detangler.  But I quickly became sick and tired of buying expensive detangler spray that did not work well and that smelled bad.  So I finally decided to make some of my own and it is absolutely AMAZING. Best of all, it is so, so easy to make.

Click here to learn how to make your own!